Program Details
Our Member firms are in the business of residential house painting and currently operate in numerous states. We are dedicated to the highest quality and customer satisfaction. The commitment to these principles is the foundation of our business and must continue to be the focal point in all our endeavors.
The Approved Independent Contractor:
Our Members utilize Approved Independent Contractors to perform paint jobs. Contractors are required to have their own ladders, equipment, vehicle, insurance, required licenses and supply all the necessary items to complete a paint job from start to finish. If you are selected you will be required to have completed a Contractor Information Form, Sign an  agreement, provide proof of insurance, provide your Social Security Number or EIN#, and Photo Identification. We will also require references from past satisfied customers for whom you have performed work.
You will be paid upon completion of the job by check and can specify your preference of: (1) Picking the check up in person (2) having the check mailed to you via U.S Mail or (3) having the check sent via Federal Express overnight delivery.
Supplier Discounts & Incentives:
Our Contractors can use our established accounts with Sherwin Williams & Duron to receive substantial discounts on materials purchased.  Feel free to negotiate lower prices with the Sales Representative or Store Manager at the paint store.